The area is located in the eastern part of the Moravian-Silesian Region, to the south/south-east of the city of Trinec, and provides a direct link to the border with the Slovak Republic and Poland.


The designed rerouting of the I/11 (I/68) road concerns mostly agricultural areas, and non-build-up areas. Most of the settlements in the area are of a rural character with family houses, not densely inhabited - Silesian type of settlement with farmhouses stretching over areas of arable lands, meadows and pastures. Often, it is complicated to determine the borders of a built-up area. The whole area is linked by a dense network of roads connecting individual lands and areas. Extensive grassed orchards without fencing and fruit-tree lines running along the local roads are very typical features of the surrounding landscape.


Another important element is streamside vegetation. Agricultural lands are lined with numerous forests and watercourses. The landscape, overall, corresponds to characteristic highland areas of Moravian-Silesian and Silesian Beskids.


The road passes through a hilly area of altitude 326 - 364 m above sea-level.


Current and future priorities of the functional utilization of the area are defined in zoning documentation “Spatial Development Policy of the Czech Republic 2008” and “Principles of Spatial Development of the Moravian-Silesian Region (2011)”.


The construction is, in term of Building Construction Documentation, in accordance with the municipal plans, and is, in this particular corridor, defined as a public work.


The construction does not exceedingly interfere with any protected areas within the meaning of the Act on Nature and Landscape Protection. There is no protected land or national park in the area. The construction does not interfere with any registered landscape element or a memorial tree. Nevertheless, there is a memorial tree - Quercus robur - which shall not be affected by the construction, nor its sanitary protection zone (registered in land registry Nebory, parcel no. 838/1). New radius of the protection zone is 27 m.


Among other important landscape elements affected by the construction in the area are forests and watercourses. In terms of watercourses, the construction involves bridge structures of sufficient inside diameter. The amount of forest loss is relatively low (1.8 ha).


The rerouting of I/11 runs through a protected deposit area in the Czech part of the Upper Silesian Basin. Though, exploitation of coal is not expected.