The construction of I/11 road Nebory - Oldrichovice follows the construction of I/68 Tranovice -Nebory, and therefore, is a part of the final resolution of linking of the R48 road with the Slovak Republic through I/68 and I/11 roads in the area of Tranovice - Mosty u Jablunkova.


The existing I/11 road passes through a densely built-up area of municipalities of Trinec, Nebory and Oldrichovice, to the north of PLA Beskydy, where the transit traffic, heading from the industrial zone in Nosovice and Moravia Steel in Trinec using R48 road, causes major traffic collapses. The necessity of the new construction results, also, from an unsatisfactory present condition, including its height and width layout. From this viewpoint, the most critical situation is in the municipality of Nebory. When riding upwards from the Neboruvka stream, there are many traffic collapses, especially during winter. The traffic, also, endangers the safety and health of local inhabitants due to a high level of noise and exhaust emissions. These negative factors influence not only the inhabitants, but also the time spent in a vehicle driving and, of course, fuel consumption. As a result, there is a considerably negative impact on the environment.


The I/11 road between Cesky Tesin - Mosty u Jablunkova is the only E75 stretch of a road in the Czech Republic. Herewith, it is the only road in relation to Jablunkov Pass from the Czech side, and simultaneously, the only road leading to Trinecke zelezarny - Moravia Steel. The significance of I/11 road is even higher these days in connection with the launching of automobile factory Hyundai Motors Company in the Moravian-Silesian Region (Nosovice area), and a demand for interconnection with KIA Motors in the Slovak Republic.


The upcoming stretch of the road I/11 Nebory - Oldrichovice - Bystrice will form a new elongation of the I/11 road from R48 road to the border with the Slovak Republic. The existing stretch of the road I/11 Nebory - Vendryne - Bystrice will be reclassified as the II. class road, preliminarily labelled as II/668.



Rerouting of I/11 road takes place without interrupting traffic on the existing roads I/68 and I/11. The construction, however, may raise traffic restrictions.