The I/11 construction Nebory - Oldrichovice deals with rerouting of the existing I/11 road outside built-up areas. The rerouting is designed in the S 24.5/100 category and reaches a length of 4860 meters. The area is located in the eastern part of the Moravian-Silesian Region, to the west of the city of Trinec, and provides a direct link to the border with the Slovak Republic and Poland.


Start of the construction site is connected to the upcoming construction of I/68 Tranovice - Nebory in km 5.400 and ends in km 10.260 by connecting to the related construction of the I/11 road Oldrichovice - Bystrice.


The rerouting starts with crossing of the existing I/68 road in the interchange Nebory. By a left-hand and a following right-hand curve, the route stretches to the valley of Neboruvka stream and “Bystrý potok” that shall be bridged by a bypass. Starting in km 7.230, the route continues straight through the valley of “Malý Javorový potok” and “Javorový potok” (two local streams) to km 9.234, where by a left-hand curve passes an unknown watercourse and the valley of the Tyra river and connects to the construction of I/11 Oldrichovice - Bystrice. Before the end of the construction site, there is a connection secured to the existing I/11 by means of the interchange Oldrichovice.


Proposed curve radius meets the conditions of necessary view in terms of the crash barrier installation in the median divider strip axis. All curves are fitted with double-sided track transition curves. Regarding the rolling motion of the vehicle along the outer edge of a median divider strip, it equals 1.5 times the proposed speed in meters, in minimum.


Vertical alignment is designed with respect to the surrounding terrain and the 100-year water level crossing local watercourses and the Tyra River (the lower edge of the bridge floor is minimally 0.5 m above the Q100 water level). Height alignment is designed so that the edge of the crown is minimally 1.0 m above the Q100 water level and lowest altitude level is minimally 0.5 m above the Q100 water level.


The route runs mostly through field landscape and partly through rural and suburban built-up areas. Additionally, a small percentage of the areas crossed by the planned road are occupied by forests and watercourses with other vegetation.


Therefore, in the framework of the construction, two interchanges are proposed to be built - Nebory and Oldrichovice. Location of the interchanges is based on the connection of the new I/11 road to the consequential network of roads of districts Trinec-Nebory and Trinec-Oldrichovice with connection to the existing roads I/11 and II/476.


The rerouting of I/11 road will take place without interrupting traffic on the existing roads I/68 and I/11. Only during the period of rerouting of I/68 road to the present stretch of the road in Nebory, the traffic will be restricted to half of the lanes using light signalling. The rerouting of existing roads of II. and III. class will be carried out under working conditions without major restrictions.