The construction of I/11 road Oldrichovice - Bystrice deals with rerouting of the existing I/11 road outside built-up areas. The rerouting is designed in the S 24.5/100 category and reaches a length of 6240 meters. The area is located in the eastern part of the Moravian-Silesian Region, to the west of the city of Trinec, and provides a direct link to the border with the Slovak Republic and Poland.


The stretch of the construction of I/11 Oldrichovice - Bystrice follows the previous related construction of the I/11 road Nebory - Oldrichovice in km 10.260. Start of the site is located in the territory of the interchange Oldrichovice with the feeder road II/476, which is a part of the construction of I/11 Nebory - Oldrichovice. The route passes through a forest area registered in Land Register Office of municipalities Oldrichovice and Lyzbice. The municipalities pay attention to trying to minimize the annexation. Furthermore, the route stretches through the valley of “Tisovy potok” to the local road via a bridge structure, and further, continues through agricultural lands.


A scaffold bridge (782 m long) will form the crossing of the local road, the Olza River and floodplain along the left-hand side of the river, the draining basin and the III/01142 road on the right-hand side of the river. In this territory, the interchange Bystrice shall be located. Herein, the road passes through densely built-up areas with considerable demands on demolition.


Furthermore, the road goes closer to the existing I/11 road in a parallel direction crossing the III/01144 road via a bridge structure. End of the construction site is in the area of the existing I/11 road beyond the municipality of Bystrice, where it connects to the construction of a through road in Hradek built during the modernization of the III. rail corridor. All crossings with existing roads and field paths are realized by means of fly-overs.


A major part of the construction will be carried out outside built-up areas and existing roads, so that it may be realized without any significant impact on the surrounding inhabitants and environment. Some parts of the construction require full or partial traffic restrictions on the existing roads. During the construction period, temporary rerouting of the local road in the municipality of Bystrice was proposed.


The upcoming stretch of the road I/11 Nebory - Oldrichovice - Bystrice will form a new elongation of the I/11 road - all the way from R48 road to the border with the Slovak Republic. The existing stretch of the road I/11 Nebory - Vendryne - Bystrice will be reclassified as the II. class road, preliminarily labelled as II/668.


Noise barriers are designed based on the assessment of the noise level of the I/11 road in the particular area. Seventeen pieces of the noise barriers (height: 3 - 5 m, total length: 7,746 m) will provide required values of the noise level during day and night time for all protected outdoor areas along the new I/11 road Oldrichovice - Bystrice.